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St Lucia / Toowong / Paddington Queensland Brain Institute



QBI Building 79, University of Queensland, St Lucia


SUNDAY // 9am to 4pm Guided tours


John Wardle Architects and Wilson Architects

Year Built


The building was originally designed to accommodate 250 researchers and state-of-the-art research equipment. The QBI building was modelled on the theme of 'A Theatre for Research', with informal interaction spaces opening to the imposing four-story foyer on one side and research laboratories on the other. Overlaid on the large foyer window into the laboratories is artwork titled Out of Mind, by Adelaide-based artist Fiona Hall. This work, which was especially commissioned by UQ, comprises a large digital print image that interprets QBI research activities.

Communal hubs and informal meeting spaces are the settings for discussion and exchanging of ideas. QBI staff and visitors come together on Level 7, which includes a 200-seat auditorium, 40-seat seminar room and interaction areas that can accommodate 300 people.

Research spaces have been designed for maximum flexibility as they can be configured to support molecular biology, tissue culture, electrophysiology and even robotics. Each of the four research floors has a core facility positioned with direct access to the main research labs and external access for affiliate researchers.

QBI Interesting facts:

  • Designed as a theatre of the mind.

  • The building fosters and nurtures collaboration across fields.

  • Circulation paths link laboratories and conversation areas like synaptic pathways in the brain.

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Sunday Tour Times

Guided tours every 30 minutes

Tour tip and other info

Free research seminar, see QBI website for details. Interactive children's activities. Wear enclosed shoes.

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