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Lead architect: Timothy Hill

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Image credit: Jon Linkins

Achieving urban consolidation through subdivision of existing Brisbane suburbs into similar lots is a contentious issue. It is an attractive concept but there are few historic precedents.

A strategy was developed with generic features and proportions that could be used in several small lot configurations or stacked vertically to increase density.

The tactic of the plan was to enclose a large proportion of the site as a ‘public’ room: a realm containing both inside and outside space. There is a generous window between the public zone of the house and the street.

In this way, occupation and experiences contribute to the streetscape rather than the mute presentation of vernacular forms, that is, a ‘walled garden’ is as useful a metaphor as a ‘Queenslander’.


  • 2001 AR + D Awards (UK) for Emerging Architecture (High Commendation)

  • 2001 RAIA National Awards, Robin Boyd Award for Residential Housing

  • 2001 RAIA State Awards (Queensland), Robin Dodds Award for Residential Housing

  • 2001 RAIA State Awards (Queensland), Residential Buildings — Inner Urban House

  • 2001 RAIA Regional Awards (Brisbane), Commendation — Residential Buildings

  • 2001 RAIA Regional Awards (Brisbane), Brisbane House of the Year.

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