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City / Spring Hill Spring Hill Service Reservoirs



226 Wickham Terrace, Brisbane


SATURDAY AND SUNDAY // 9am to 4pm General Access



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Image credit: Melica Ahmet

Explore the arched brick interiors of one of these nineteenth century structures which played a vital role in providing fresh water to Brisbane from 1871 to 1962.

Construction of the first reservoir was completed in 1871.  It held 570, 000 litres of water and was filled with water from Enoggera Dam for 10 hours every evening to supply water to the township the following day.  In 1882, the second, larger reservoir was built to meet the needs of the increasing population.

The reservoirs were finally decommissioned in 1962 as they could not service the city’s new high-rise buildings. Managed by Brisbane City Council, the reservoirs were opened to the public for the first time in 2014 for a series of
underground opera performances and Brisbane Open House.


Explore more of Brisbane's hidden secrets, visit www.brisbane.qld.gov.au and search for 'heritage trails'.


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Art installation using sound, film and kinetic sculpture by Caitlin Franzmann, Dale Gorfinkel and Ross Manning. Wear enclosed shoes. No wheelchair access.

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