Made in Brisbane


Made in Brisbane celebrates manufacturing and craft industries in Brisbane, showcasing both legacy manufacturers as well as new up-and-coming makers that are creating boutique products, reflecting the changing nature of design and manufacturing in our city. The Made in Brisbane talks were held over the Brisbane Open House weekend. Made in Brisbane gave visitors the chance to meet the makers, explore their buildings and understand the process of production.

Austral Bricks


Location: Rochedale

About the Event:

Austral Bricks has a proud history of brickmaking spanning over 100 years. The Rochedale manufacturing site is continually upgraded and modernised, implementing world’s best technology and environmental protection features. This ensures production efficiency and quality, enabling introduction of new and innovative products for the residential and commercial building markets. Our Rochedale site produces clay bricks and pavers, in varying formats, supplied both locally and exported overseas. Australian clays are celebrated for their colour and no other materials rival clay for robustness, durability and thermal performance.

The experience of over one hundred years of brickmaking brings with it a unique ability to build a dedicated team of people committed to excellence in brick production, research and development. We are very proud of the new generation products inspiring architects, developers and consumers. Visit our factory to see where bricks are made before they are transported into landmark buildings throughout Queensland.

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