Made in Brisbane


Made in Brisbane celebrates manufacturing and craft industries in Brisbane, showcasing both legacy manufacturers as well as new up-and-coming makers that are creating boutique products, reflecting the changing nature of design and manufacturing in our city. The Made in Brisbane talks are held over the Brisbane Open House weekend. Made in Brisbane gave visitors the chance to meet the makers, explore their buildings and understand the process of production.

BOOKED OUT // Neighbourhood Coffee Roasters

Date: BOOKED OUT // SATURDAY // 12pm


About the Event:


Locked inside the seed of every coffee cherry is the potential for flavour. Neighbourhood Coffee Roasters strives to unlock that flavour so it reaches the customer every time, and they pride themselves on sourcing, roasting, brewing and experimenting with only the highest quality specialty Arabica coffee from all over the world.

Owners Steph and Alex Ridgway have a vision to make a mark on their community, drawing people together through quality products and sustainable practices. Their flagship store in Rainworth is a 1950s General Store lovingly refurbished to house an espresso bar, café and a lavish vegetable garden.

Alex and Steph now invite you to explore their new premises Neighbourhood Coffee Roasters at Albion. The new space is housed inside an old Mercedes-Benz workshop and is home to all roasting and production operations, along with a second café and herb garden courtyard.

Neighbourhood Coffee Roasters use a state-of-the-art 15kg Roaster with a Process Control Block interface that can manipulate every part of the roasting process - to reach the ideal flavour time after time.

You are invited into the roastery for an intimate workshop with Alex, to see first-hand how the roast consistency is managed through the roasting process, from bean to cup. Visit

Free event.