Made in Brisbane


Made in Brisbane celebrates manufacturing and craft industries in Brisbane, showcasing both legacy manufacturers as well as new up-and-coming makers that are creating boutique products, reflecting the changing nature of design and manufacturing in our city. The Made in Brisbane talks are held over the Brisbane Open House weekend. Made in Brisbane gave visitors the chance to meet the makers, explore their buildings and understand the process of production.

Luxxbox Design Studio and Factory

Date: SATURDAY // 10.30am and 11.45am

Location: Eagle Farm

About the Event:

Luxxbox has spent the past 10 years championing authentic design, with a signature aesthetic of colourful, unconventional materials and high-quality industrial finishes.

Luxxbox responded to a need in the market by launching their first product, the colourful ‘Tingle’ stool, in 2006. The Tingle stool was an immediate success as it offered a hard wearing, versatile seating solution, but was colourful and playful. The market was lacking this diversity at the time and the Tingle, inspired by the iconic Australian lolly, embody everything Luxxbox sought to emulate - daring design with an element of cheek utilising unconventional materials.

Luxxbox has since gone on to sell many thousands of Tingles and their product range has grown to include decorative and innovative lighting and furniture including acoustic lighting, flexible lounge systems and agile office furniture designed for modern, collaborative work spaces.

Headquartered in Brisbane, Luxxbox's large design studio and factory warehouse enables them to undertake the majority of their manufacturing locally.  They are passionate about retaining and developing skills in the local market - carpentry, upholstery etc. -employing a skilled team of tradespeople and apprentices. This allows for a sharp eye on quality and lead times and the ability to work closely with clients during the project and production process.

The tour will demonstrate the design process of a product from conception of design and modelling in the studio to the hands-on nature of the manufacturing and assembly process. 

In 2015 Luxxbox moved to Eagle Farm, taking up residence in a neglected saw-tooth building. With much love and using their design prowess, the team have brought this space back to life ensuring its survival and viable usage for many years to come. Proving we don't always have to knock down and start again to attain a uniquely designed building. Visit

Free event.