Made in Brisbane


Made in Brisbane celebrates manufacturing and craft industries in Brisbane, showcasing both legacy manufacturers as well as new up-and-coming makers that are creating boutique products, reflecting the changing nature of design and manufacturing in our city. The Made in Brisbane talks were held over the Brisbane Open House weekend. Made in Brisbane gave visitors the chance to meet the makers, explore their buildings and understand the process of production.

Neon Signs Australia


Location: East Brisbane

About the Event:

These tours were guided by glass bender and founder of Neon Signs Australia, Michael Blazek. Michael presented a brief history of the neon company since its inception in 1990 with a short but vivid slide show of their greatest signs and artworks. A glass bending session followed, utilising the various gas burners and other tools of the trade. Applied heat magically transformed rigid glass rods into floppy ropes as soft as taffy. The colours of glass tubes, gases used and electrical requirements was covered. Various salvaged and iconic signs were lit on the day for social media opportunities. The tour appealed to designers, graphic artists, architects and those who wished to understand more about how the tubes are bent and the noble gases inserted.

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