Made in Brisbane


Made in Brisbane celebrates manufacturing and craft industries in Brisbane, showcasing both legacy manufacturers as well as new up-and-coming makers that are creating boutique products, reflecting the changing nature of design and manufacturing in our city. The Made in Brisbane talks were held over the Brisbane Open House weekend. Made in Brisbane gave visitors the chance to meet the makers, explore their buildings and understand the process of production.

The Print Bar


Location: Windsor

About the Event:

The Print Bar welcomed visitors to their creative studio in Windsor, home to a family of designers, artists and print specialists. Their space is the heart of their operation, a place where ideas come to life through design, traditional screenprinting and modern direct-to-garment techniques. The Print Bar aims to thread local creativity together, focusing on the stories behind the prints and working with an abundance of boutique labels and local businesses. Their doors are always open, so come in and meet the team, see how the whole process works and even try your hand at printing a unique design by local sign writers Frank & Mimi.

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