Speaker Series


We gathered together influential architects, landscape architects, designers, planners and professionals in conversation to explore the important ideas that shape our city. Through a series of talks, hosted in the lead up to the Brisbane Open House weekend, representatives from these key professions explored, with audiences, the ideas and opportunities that influence the shape and experience of our city and its buildings. 

The Great Debate - Is the use-by date of timber and tin up?



About the Event:

The ‘timber and tin’ Queensland vernacular house is the most celebrated and the most easily identifiable Queensland architectural style. These historic buildings form a cultural tapestry that helps us understand who we are and what we have achieved. Community consensus is that they need to be preserved and honoured however climatically they have limitations despite being relatively easy to adapt. Does the community’s fascination with 'timber and tin' limit the opportunity to define a contemporary and sub-tropical ‘Queensland style’ or is the importance of this historic pattern of development still highly relevant for the Brisbane of tomorrow? 

In true debating style, six leading architects, urban designers, and business leaders pitched their arguments, for and against the topic.