Speaker Series


We gathered together influential architects, landscape architects, designers, planners and professionals in conversation to explore the important ideas that shape our city. Through a series of talks, hosted in the lead up to the Brisbane Open House weekend, representatives from these key professions explored, with audiences, the ideas and opportunities that influence the shape and experience of our city and its buildings. 

The Spaces In-Between



About the Event:

Spaces in cities are opportunities and we know that nature abhors a vacuum. Perhaps even more than the buildings themselves, it is the spaces between and around them that define the character of a city. Today some of the most the most transformative changes in cities are happening in these public spaces. Damian Thompson (Lat 27) facilitated a panel discussion between Caroline Stalker (Architectus), Dr Catherin Bull AM, Mark McClelland (Cultural Capital) and Kerry Doss (Brisbane City Council). The panel explored what’s happening in our in-between spaces, and how they help to create an inspiring, healthy, vibrant and connected city.