Visitors enjoyed guided walking tours through some of Brisbane’s most significant and interesting precincts and buildings during Brisbane Open House 2016. 

Winchcombe Carson Woolstore and London Office Tour


Location: Newstead

About the Event:

Visitors unlocked the history of the Winchcombe Carson Woolstore, the oldest surviving woolstore in Queensland. The building has considerable visual impact due to its particularly attractive Federation era design and contains over one million bricks, which if laid out end-to-end would, reportedly, stretch from Brisbane to Warwick. Following the demise of the wool industry, parts of the woolstore were used for various commercial and storage uses between 1981 and 2001, and then converted into its present uses in a phased redevelopment. The building was heritage listed in 1992, a year after the declaration of the Urban Renewal Task Force precinct. The tour visited the adjoining London Warehouse, which has been converted to a series of commercial suites.