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Date: Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 October

Location: Various times and locations

About the Event:

Story telling: Within/Without These Walls

Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 October
Various times and locations
No bookings required


Enjoy live storytelling sessions at selected buildings. These are location-specific, creative, non-fiction stories about historical incidents and people related to particular buildings.

The stories have been chosen and developed to enhance the meaning and significance of the locations for visitors. While providing more information and richer insight into the earliest uses of these historic spaces, the storytellers will give voice to dramatic stories that are both engaging and entertaining.

Each session includes 25-30 minutes of narratives delivered by a small team of storytellers, with 10 minutes of discussion to follow.


Boggo Road Prison

Saturday 10.30am

Jonathan Richards: The Case of the Dead Detective

Matthew Wengert: Border Busters & Red Flaggers


Parliament House

Saturday 1pm

Jill Barker: Schooling Parliament––How Charles Lilley pushed free education through the House


Diamantina Health Care Museum

Saturday 2.30pm

Pamela Rushby: The Rat-Catcher’s Daughter––Plague in Brisbane, 1901

Matthew Wengert: PnuFlu––Governing the Spanish Flu in Queensland, 1919


Old Windmill Tower

Sunday 10.30am

Ray Kerkhove: Brisbane’s First Public Execution, 1844


St John’s Cathedral

Sunday 3.30pm

Duncan Richardson: Dr Hobbs and the Flying Cloud, 1864

Matthew Wengert: Difficult Measures––Why Doctor Hobbs borrowed a police revolver




Duncan Richardson

Duncan is a writer of fiction, history and educational texts. He is keen to uncover the hidden stories of Brisbane’s past and has just published Year of Disaster, a history book about the various disasters of 1864.


Jill Barker

Jill started writing after other studies in the fields of science, visual arts, and feminism and after a career exhibiting and teaching in visual arts. In her writing she aims to tell stories from the past in immersive ways.


Jonathan Richards

Jonathan is one of Queensland’s foremost archival researchers, based at the University of Queensland. He is author of The Secret War, the most authoritative account of the Native Mounted Police and the colonial frontier war.


Pamela Rushby

Pamela has published several works of young adult fiction. ‘The Ratcatcher’s Daughter’ is set during the outbreak of bubonic plague around Woolloongabba in 1900.


Ray Kerkhove

Ray is a professional historian and expert on Indigenous people’s use of local places in the pre-colonial and colonial eras.


Matthew Wengert

Matthew has a longstanding interest in the histories of crime and medicine, with a particular focus on dramatic stories of epidemics. He is currently researching several stories about the impact of Spanish Flu in Brisbane and other places in Queensland.