Special Events + Concerts


The Brisbane Open House program was bigger and better than ever with a series of special events that were held in the lead up to and over the Brisbane Open House weekend.

Within & Without These Walls (Live Storytelling)


Location: Various times and locations

About the Event:

Visitors enjoyed live storytelling sessions at selected buildings. They were location-specific, creative, non-fiction stories about historical incidents and people related to particular buildings. The stories were chosen and developed to enhance the meaning and significance of the locations for visitors. While providing more information and richer insight into the earliest uses of these historic spaces, the storytellers gave voice to dramatic stories that are both engaging and entertaining. Each session included 25-30 minutes of narratives delivered by a small team of storytellers, with 10 minutes of discussion following.

• St John’s Cathedral
‘Doctors Ballow & Hobbs: the difficult and distinctive careers of Brisbane’s early Medical Officers’

• St John’s Cathedral
‘The Proclamation of Queensland 1859 & the Centenary of Separation 1959’

• Parliament House
‘Building Brisbane’s Parliament 1866-67’, and ‘Eloquence & Pluck: the legislative work of barristers Charles Lilley & Ratcliffe Pring’

• The Windmill, Spring Hill
‘Let Them Hang Us: Brisbane’s first executions 1841’