Brisbane Open House
Sunday // 10am to 4pm
Pre-booked guided tours only

The AirportLinkM7 tunnel was Brisbane’s largest infrastructure project when it opened in 2012. It is a 6.7km toll tunnel that connects the ICB, Bowen Bridge Road and Clem7 tunnel in Brisbane’s inner north to Kedron in the north and Sandgate Road and East-West arterial in the east. It provides easy access to Brisbane Airport and the Australia Trade Coast.

The AirportLinkM7 Operations Centre (ALOC) located in Bowen Hills manages all aspects of the tunnel’s operation including traffic control, environmental system management and incident response. The centre is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure motorists have a safe, quick and reliable journey through the tunnel.

The ALOC responds to any issues in the tunnel such as broken down vehicles and animals, pedestrians or debris on the motorway. This ensures that motorists using AirportLinkM7 have a safe and fast journey to their destination.

What's Open

Behind the scenes and inspection of incident response vehicles

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AirportLinkM7 Operations Centre