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Due to unforeseen circumstances this building is no longer participating in Brisbane Open House. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Arthur Street traverses the inner city peninsular of New Farm and Fortitude Valley.  Elevated timber cottages built by first wave migrants dot the landscape. These cottages have been adapted by second wave migrants, Italians who connected to ground with brick and concrete.

Arthur Street House (ASH) is small. It is a house for a couple with adult children, sitting on landscape, part of a village.  The original cottage on this site was raised slightly to make an undercroft… a place for arrival and movement, cars and bikes and outdoor gathering. From the undercroft one moves up into the cottage or across landscape (or tunnel) to ASH behind.

The timber cottage is home for adult children, guests or a future carer. Building on ground out of masonry by Italian and Greek migrants is as important as the elevated timber architecture of British migrants. It is this masonry architecture that allowed us to properly engage with landscape.

The ground floor steps with the hill creating a continuous journey past water, up outdoor stairs, patio, landscape and sleepout above, a piano-nobile looking back across the garden – city. External walls, screens and balustrade are face brick.

Brick is structural and water proof. 230 thick walls with a glazed external skin and waterproof mortar make expressed structure. Structure and craft is seen… honest expression of brick is possible.

The handprints of craftsmen and material live on in this building, a building that will happily be part of a changing context over the next 100 years.

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