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The character of inner suburban Brisbane is defined by two principal elements of equal value – Houses and Gardens.  The composition of the house and garden results in an easy-going, low-density setting, enabling domestic life in the sub-tropics to enjoy all the amenities of gardens for raising children, doing chores, growing food, entertaining outdoors, promoting bio-diversity and cooling the micro-climate with large shade trees.

Often the architectural commission will involve the alteration and enlarging of a quintessential 2 bedroom Brisbane bungalow. Sometimes the success of such intervention is measured by the value of what isn’t done, as much as what is done.  The architectural solution is often about building less, and celebrating the private open space otherwise labelled the ‘backyard’.  The question might be asked; what kind of street, or neighbourhood, or city might one make if this model of house and garden was replicated down the street and throughout the neighbourhood?

At the Auchenflower House both architect and owner shared an admiration for the original house and garden, and worked rigorously with the premise of doing as much as necessary, but as little as possible, in an attempt to preserve its much-loved character whilst yielding a relevant and contemporary Brisbane family house.


2017 Houses Magazine Australian House of the Year

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Auchenflower House

Vokes and Peters