Brisbane Open House
Level 4, 12 Creek Street, Brisbane City
Saturday // 10am to 3pm
General access and guided tours

An essential question in the conception of an interiors project, is how to establish an identity appropriate to the circumstance. In our instance the agreed strategy was that our physical workplace needed to represent our place, ideas and values. Rather than ‘fabricated representation’, our methods and outputs are exposed to all, and in so doing are a genuine demonstration of the way we act, and what we do.

The scheme is essentially a set of meeting places that can be used in various ways, by individuals, small and large groups of staff, clients, extended consultant teams and even independents – the broadest possible range of community associates. The spaces collect around the side core, and are linked by a circulation path that is tailored as a group work place for teams that spend time connected by projects. To promote engagement, conversations and solutions, a ‘working wall’ capable of classic drawing pin-up, insitu drawing and image projection is detailed against the inside edge of the circulation path.

Embedded technology is now an underpinning part of architectural practice, and at BVN includes;

  • Remote virtual desktops that allow individuals to work from multiple locations, including from home;
  • The interactive projection wall that connects to digital servers and personal devices to promote information sharing;
  • An intranet system allowing every staff member worldwide the opportunity to share videos, graphics and images
  • 3d printing used as a test tool to mock up designs allowing a real spatial understanding
  • Virtual reality viewed on screens and headsets to test and simulate scenarios with scale, materials and daylight

What's Open

Studio level 4

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Saturday Guided Tours
Times: Every half hour

Additional Activities

3D printer and virtual reality headset demonstrations


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