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Christ Church Milton is a heritage listed building dating back to the early days of Brisbane settlement. These days, visitors will find an oasis of calm in the delightful old church and its beautiful gardens. The Church is now also used as a multi-purpose space following refurbishment after storm damage.

The original North Brisbane Burial Ground opened in 1843 and was established on the fringes of the new settlement. The original stone church from 1873 was destroyed in a storm in 1890 and the new church was designed in 1891 by John H. Buckeridge for use as both a Sunday school and temporary church services. The rectory was built in 1883 to a design of FDG Stanley.

The positioning of the church, rectory and hall in close proximity to the graveyard is an uncommon characteristic in Queensland churches. The reserve and the graves and memorials it contains are the only visible evidence of Queensland’s first major public cemetery.

The burial grounds closed in 1875, fell into disrepair and in 1911 the land was resumed for public purposes. Although some burials were re-interred in other cemeteries, in many cases only the headstones were relocated. In 1912-14 over unclaimed 500 headstones were moved to a memorial reserve established behind Christ Church. During the Depression most of these stones were removed and destroyed, leaving these surviving headstones as a memorial to Brisbane’s early settlers.

Christ Church has weathered many storms in its 141 years, not the least the Hale Street underpass which shaved off a large part of the grounds and original church hall and the redevelopment of the Lang Park sports field into the Suncorp Stadium.

What's Open

Christ Church Milton and Milton Memorial Reserve

Tour Information

Saturday Guided Tours
Times: 10am, 11am, 12pm and 1pm
Duration: 30 min

Sunday Guided Tours
Times: 10am, 11am, 12pm and 1pm
Duration: 30 min

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Wear enclosed shoes // Limited wheelchair access


Christ Church Milton

1883: Rectory // 1891: Christ Church // 1912: Milton Memorial Reserve
Rectory: FDG Stanley // Church: John H. Buckeridge