Buena Vista Ave, Coorparoo
Saturday : 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Sunday : 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
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The home is designed around the central core comprised of a 100 year old timber church building. This was relocated to Brisbane from Nanango; where it had had fallen into disrepair.

Supporting the church are new, smaller pavilions which provide additional bedrooms and potential for home office, granny flat, and secondary living spaces.

These satellite buildings compliment the traditional form of the church, without seeking to mimic it. They utilise modern materials and explore modern detailing. They are attached to the church via bridges which connect the living to these spaces. In one instance this is an internal bridge link also containing lift access and powder room. Where the rear pavilion is accessed via an external bridging deck.

The house was designed for flexible and intergenerational living, working, and playing – so that it might suit a range of owners and occupants over time. While not eliminated, steps through the main level of the home are limited. Lift access from the carparking allows that aged, infirm or people with a disability are more easily able to live through the main areas of the home.

The arrangement of the pavilions around the church, and the angle of the building on site, help to create rich outdoor spaces forming entertaining areas, terraces and courtyards. These are further developed through use of a rich landscape backdrop. This is prioritised further by concealing the carparking away from the streetscape of the home, pulling the pool inside the building footprint, and burying tanks under landscape. The home is about people in a landscape – not about the cars or services.

Detailed landscape design based on our design by John Mongard Landscape Architects.

The spaces, the bridges and landscape, recognise that the areas of a home which aren’t built are as important as those which are. The landscape provides a setting for the home, frame the view through over feature pond, to the city, as well as softening the city and providing privacy from the surrounding neighbours.

The home includes investment in more sustainable outcomes including:

– facing the home north on the block, rather than square to boundary and street
– a detailed energy and comfort assessment for the design, guiding levels of insulation and glazing
– a substantial PV solar array, home battery and electric car charger (grid power backup)
– underground water tanks to supply water to the entire home (mains water backup)
– recirculation of stormwater through the site (formed creek bed, ponds, and landscape – before being pumped to street on overflow)
– smart wiring and control through the home
– mechanical ventilation system to the main church building to vent heat from the lower levels through the roof over OR drawing heat from the ceiling space down into the lower levels in winter
– it also includes air conditioning and de-humidification to key living areas, pool area and cellar.
– custom designed awnings and blinds to protect all windows and doors to the home. This is aimed to balance views and admit winter sun – but blocking summer sun and allowing the home to be opened in rainy weather.

It is being marketed for sale on completion.

Some General Access + Pre-booked Tours


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Tour Information

Frequency of Guided Tours: Half hour intervals 9 to 11 and 1 til 3 No tours 11 to 1.

Tour Tips

Register at the building on arrival, House is over 3 levels: there are stairs. Lift by arrangement only. Supervised kids welcome.

Dress Requirements

No heels

Wheelchair access



Environment Accreditation: No formal accreditations. Modelled to 7 stars in 2018.

ptma Architecture - Peter McArdle and Teresa Wuersching
Refurbishment of an older church building, and new extensions
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