Brisbane Open House
Stumers Road, Mt Crosby
Sunday // 9.30am to 3.30pm
Pre-booked guided tours and some general access

The pumping station is a late-Victorian industrial building built in 1890-92 to house the pumping equipment for the Brisbane River Water Supply Scheme.  The engine room is constructed of red bricks made locally, and was made tall enough to house the original 30m high pump engines (now replaced with impressive electric engines).

Set in the picturesque Works Hill precinct, the pumping station looks out over the Brisbane River and is close by to Mt Crosby (on which is located the reservoir to which the water was originally pumped. The building has been sympathetically extended several times during engineering expansions caused by the need to provide more and more water to the cities of Brisbane and Ipswich.

The Works Hill precinct is a well preserved example of an early company town, including duplex buildings (known locally as reccers) to house the station workers’ and their families. These unique duplex houses were designed by Charles Mclay (draughtsman for the Customs House) and can be seen to touch the ground very lightly in their hillside setting.

Additional After Dark Event

Bookings are now open for a special lantern after dark event at this iconic landmark.  View and book now!

What's Open

The interior of the pumping station engine room, which historically and presently houses the great water pumps that deliver water to Brisbane and Ipswich.

Tour Tips

Limited wheelchair access // Wear closed shoes, hat and bring water bottle

Additional Activities

Walking tours of the Works Hill residential precinct at 12pm and 3pm (no bookings required for walking this walking tour only - meet outside the Pumping Station)

Booked out

Mount Crosby Pumping Station

Design of BBWW Engineer Alexander Stewart