Brisbane Open House
233 Milton Road, Milton(Access via entry between 25-29 Baroona Road, Milton)
Saturday // 11am to 4pm
Sunday // 11am to 4pm
General access and guided tours

Visit the beautiful heritage listed Old Bishopsbourne and Chapel of the Holy Spirit designed by Architects Benjamin Backhouse and Robin Dods.

Old Bishopsbourne was built in 1868 for the first Anglican Bishop of Brisbane. It remained the home of the Bishop and then the Archbishops of the Brisbane Diocese until the mid-1960s. The building is a large two-storeyed residence constructed of local porphyry and sandstone. On both floors casements with fanlights open from the main rooms onto wide verandahs, which are enclosed externally by Gothic stone arches, creating a cloistered atmosphere. The second storey verandah balustrade is constructed of cast iron fashioned in an inverted arch pattern.

The Chapel of the Holy Spirit was built in 1912 as a replacement chapel for the Bishop of the time. The wooden chapel had become structurally unsound so a stone chapel was built. The walls of the chapel are built of Brisbane tuff (sandstone) and have simple buttresses supporting a roof structure of six timber trusses. The roof is clad in slate. The chapel was designed to be in harmony with the adjacent Bishopsbourne.

Both buildings are located on the site commonly known as St Francis Theological College. The college is the training college for the Priests and Deacons of the Anglican Diocese of Brisbane (Anglican Church of Southern Queensland) and has been operating on the site for over 75 years.

What's Open

Grounds of St Francis College and The Chapel of The Holy Spirit

Tour Information

Saturday Guided Tours
Times: 1pm, 2pm and 3pm
Duration: 40min

Sunday Guided Tours
Times: 1pm, 2pm and 3pm
Duration: 40min

Tour Tips

Wear smart casual attire

Additional Activities

Morning and afternoon tea


Old Bishopsbourne and Chapel of the Holy Spirit

1868: Old Bishopsbourne // 1912: Chapel of the Holy Spirit
Benjamin Backhouse: Old Bishopsbourne // Robin Dods: Chapel of the Holy Spirit