Brisbane Open House
West End (address confirmed when booking secured)
Saturday // 10am to 1pm
Sunday // 10am to 1pm
Pre-booked guided tours only

One Room Tower is a small addition to the architecture of the city. A determinate form of indeterminate occupation – it is simultaneously intended as an urban artefact and utility, designed as an adaptable set of ‘subspaces’ within a singular volume. One Room Tower is also a proposition for the growth and densification of urban detached housing enclaves, which verge upon our Australia’s cities, such as West End in Brisbane.

The project explores the spatial ideas of ‘core’ and ‘peripheral frame’. Internally, a sequence of prescribed subspaces is created and corralled via the specific placement of a service core in relation to the framed edge. A consecutive series of living platforms spiral vertically up from the grounded entry ‘doma’ up into the coffered roof space. Each platform creates uniquely scaled spaces with precisely choreographed openings introducing the landscape and cityscape into the room.

What's Open

The project including the courtyard // Original house not included

Tour Tips

Open platform overhead // Heels and free flowing garments may be problematic

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One Room Tower

phorm architecture + design with Silvia Micheli and Antony Moulis