Brisbane Open House
Red Hill
Saturday // 10am to 12pm
Pre-booked guided tours only

Located in the inner-city suburb of Red Hill, Brisbane, this house project is an alteration and addition to an existing worker’s cottage.

The clients’ aspiration was more comfort, flexibility and space than what their existing modest dwelling and narrow site provided.  The design response sought to be protective of the existing house character, scale, materiality and history, while creating a new addition that acknowledged more contemporary wishes.

To address the undulating topography of the site, an internalised manmade landscape of concrete and masonry was created to provide a semi-outdoor quality that connected the ‘old and ‘new’ spaces.  The solid, internal landscape base is enhanced by the surrounding light weight walls and ceilings that capture light and direct views.  The intention was to harness the northern light and allow natural ventilation to move through the house, while simultaneously protecting privacy and giving a sense of volume to the narrow plan.

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Red Hill House

Myers Ellyett