Brisbane Open House
92 Brighton Rd. Sandgate
Sunday : 11:45 AM to 3:00 PM
General access (self guided) // Welcome staff will be around to answer questions and direct to artefacts and places of interest

Villages of Brisbane SUN 21 AUG only

Our buildings open for a tour are the original church of Sacred Heart, Sandgate and the School Parish Hall.

Original Sacred Heart Church
Two acres of land situated ‘on a rise above a lagoon and looking out to the bay’ was purchased in 1877 by Mr John Hammer for 10 pounds. This land was transferred to the Trustees of the Catholic Church.

In 1881 a small Gothic brick church was built. It was designed by renowned architect Andrea Stombuco and constructed by builder J. OKeefe for 460 pounds. The church was opened on 25 September 1881. It was always anticipated that another Church would be built to accommodate the growing congregation and the original church would be part of the proposed school.

The original church is now our school’s administration block and Principal Office which is the old sacristy. It is a beautiful heritage listed building that has been use over the years as a place of worship, typing pool, and classrooms as part of the original school.

School and Parish Hall
This was the built in and opened 1920 and is situated in the middle of the 3 prominent buildings on Brighton Road. It has a hall space and upstairs classrooms overlooking Moreton Bay.

Sacred Heart Catholic School opened on Monday 23 January 1893 in the former church. It opened with an initial enrolment of 50 students. The school also provided boarding facilities for some years. A purpose-built school building was constructed in 1920 (this named building). A new school building was constructed in 1964 to form the main primary school.

Our buildings enhance the local streetscape and are important local landmarks. The three buildings feature as our school logo.


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Register at the building on arrival, Great for kids

Wheelchair access


Is Heritage listed


Andreas Stombuco
Some modifications over the years, no named architect