Brisbane Open House
25 Wickham Terrace, Brisbane City (Crn of Ann and Wharf Streets)
Saturday // 9am to 3pm
General access (self guided)

From the street, the St Andrew’s Lutheran Church appears to be frozen in a beautiful sweeping movement as it raises its spire and cross. It is the youngest of a group of churches in this area. St Andrew’s is a fine example of a Modernist church of this time — welcoming and functional; simple and austere in form and detailing.

Designed by architect Barry Walduck, the church is highly expressive and sculptural. The building is enclosed by sinuous walls of yellow bricks that fold curvaceously. The walls are occasionally interrupted by rhythmic bands of slot windows; the entrance porch is tucked into a fold and announced by a soaring spire and cross. The interior is harmonious through the use of simple, high quality materials in an honest and pared-back way. The nave is intimate, featuring yellow bricks and yellow Oregon pine. Entering from the south, the congregation sits facing east. The wall behind the altar (the liturgical east) is lit from the side by a recessed window symbolising the rising sun and, in turn, the risen Son of God.

Items from the previous church (1882) have been integrated within this church. The Luther Window in the gallery was imported from Germany in 1912 for the 50th anniversary of the first church. Carved wooden panels also made in 1912 for the rear wall of the 1882 church feature motifs and symbols of the Lutheran faith. These and other items provide an important tangible link to the long history of Lutheranism in Queensland.

The simplicity of the interior is enhanced by a collection of original art.

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St Andrew’s Lutheran

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