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Located on a modest corner block high on Hamilton Hill, the Sweeney House was designed by Geoffrey Pestorius (1930–1968). It is a fine example of how post-war Brisbane architects adapted Mies van der Rohe’s teachings at the Bauhaus to local climatic and geograhic conditions. Marked by an abundance of floor-to-ceiling glazing, house and garden blur into one another while the pinwheel open plan is a case study in spatial fluidity, cross-ventilation and natural lighting.

The outdoor spaces of the Sweeney House, realised in collaboration with local landscape architect Arne Fink (1930-1993), reflect a balance of Indigenous, Oceanic and Asian species, with many of the original plantings still extant. Also notable is the preponderance of trees and scrubs with a pendulous or weeping habit, another Miesian strategy directed at softening the rectilinear geometries of the hardscaping.

Much of the original furniture, which was supplied by local interior designer Ron Sabien, also remains in situ alongside rare period pieces by Campbell Scott and Robert Dunlop. Visitors will also have the opportunity to view a site-related exhibition in the stair hall by the Berlin-based contemporary artist Jan Timme, while a display of the little-known architectural photography in the 1960s by renowned local architect Gabriel Poole can be seen in the living/dining room space.

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Sweeney House interiors and the Japanese rock garden

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