Brisbane Open House
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Saturday : 9:30AM to 3:00 PM
Pre-booked guided tours only

The project is as much about gardens as it is about built form. Perceived of as three courtyards varying in scale, type and privatisation, the house offers a transient and ever-present connection with orchestrated gardens, light, air and living rooms/or rooms that live.

Given it’s proximity to one of Brisbane’s most iconic parks, the conceptual drivers are largely informed by an analysis of the park beyond. Conceptually, New Farm Park is a captured and walled green terrain given back to casual, public and social engagement, an open amenity to the privatised built environment on its perimeters.

This house adopts a microcosmic replication of this adjacent public common, where surrounding spaces are enriched by a central open aired garden, providing light, ventilation and a casual engagement with the outdoors. A constant and incidental connection with a living organism within a very urban environment.

Tour Information

Frequency of Guided Tours: 30 minutes commencing at 9.30 am

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No heels

Wheelchair access



Recent Architectural or Engineering Awards: Myers Ellyett: Houses Awards 2019 Shortlist for House Alteration & Additions over 200m2

1920s: Original building // 2018: Alteration & Additions
Myers Ellyett