Brisbane Open House
Levels 1-3 TC Beirne Building 315 Brunswick Street Fortitude Valley
Saturday : 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
General access and guided tours
NOTE: Pre-booked ticket holders only.

‘Old ideas can sometimes use new buildings. New ideas must use old buildings,’ Jane Jacobs.

Located within the heritage-listed TC Bierne Building, The Precinct is Queensland’s house of ideas and innovation; home to more than 27 startups, scaleups, investors, the Chief Entrepreneur, River City Labs, and the state’s XR and AI Hubs. It also hosts an annual events calendar for the innovation sector and general public.

Designed to facilitate ‘collaboration by collision’, The Precinct is an edgy collection of glass and plywood boxes, surrounded by shared spaces including the iconic Stair Stadium, custom-made for the fever of pitch nights, and the Warrar (River) Room, a collaboration space refurbished by the World’s Biggest Garage Sale using circular economy principles.

Sound and light travel through the space, as do ideas and exchange. Stories abound of how The Precinct’s design has facilitated collaboration and partnerships, ranging from investors viewing startups through the glass windows; on-site hackathons creating new companies, meet-ups leading to job offers, kitchen conversations blossoming into new products, and much more.

The Precinct is a window into tomorrow’s economy, showcasing new technology and ways of working.

Tour Information

Frequency of Guided Tours: Three pre-booked tours of 45 minutes 11am - 11.45am 12pm - 12.45pm 1pm - 1.45pm From 10am to 2pm, patrons are allowed to visit the space, at their own time.

Tour Tips

Register at the building on arrival

Wheelchair access


Is Heritage listed


Robin Dods from Hall & Dods
1931: Hennessey & Hennessey 2017: Hassel Studio