Brisbane Open House
King George Square,Brisbane City
Saturday // 9am to 5pm
Sunday // 9am to 5pm
General access and guided tours

The term ‘tiny house’ is most commonly used to describe a compact dwelling that is transportable and therefore inherently flexible in how it can be used. The ‘Tiny House Company’ tiny houses are built on trailers for road registration so they can be delivered to your door and moved around within and between sites as required.

While people are interested in tiny houses for various reasons, most are drawn to the flexibility and freedom they offer. For some, it’s the freedom to live a well-balanced life by purchasing something small within their means rather than relying on a mortgage. For others, it’s the flexibility of being able to change the size, function and location of a home as the need arises.

The ‘Swallowtail’ model is on display at the Brisbane Open House HUB to experience, inside and out.

Tour Tips

No wheelchair access

Additional Activities

The BOH info booth will be right next to The Tiny House in King George Sqaure - pop by to pick up a program and tour the Tiny House!


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