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130 William Street, Brisbane City
Saturday // 10am to 3pm
Sunday // 10am to 3pm
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Enjoy the high-quality materials, opulent detailing and world-class workmanship of this former seat of State of power, including the oval Queensland Maple cabinet table and Hotel Room 105, originally the office of the Minister for Lands.

The Treasury Heritage Hotel (formerly the Land Administration Building), built 1899–05, has an historic association with several government and civic institutions. The Executive Council and Cabinet met in the building from 1905 until 1971, and housed the offices of the State’s Premier of this period. It was also the home of the Lands Department and, between 1905 and 1930, the Queensland Art Gallery. It was also the first major Edwardian Baroque building built in Australia and is the finest example of this style in Queensland.

The themes of agriculture and mining are featured in the architectural detail and it proudly showcases authentic Queensland materials. The base course and plinth are made of granite obtained from Enoggera and Mount Crosby. Brown freestone from Helidon faces the outer walls and freestone from Yangan, near Warwick, was used on the colonnade walls. The beautiful joinery is constructed of Queensland timbers and the ceilings are finished with fibrous plaster incorporating bagasse, a sugar cane by-product.

Designed under the supervision of colonial architect Thomas Pye, the building is recognised as one of the highest achievements of the Government Architect’s Office at a time when a sustained body of high quality work was produced.

In the early 1990s, the Land Administration Building and neighbouring Treasury Building were leased by Jupiters Limited and converted into a luxury five-star hotel and casino. Architectural firm Allom Lovell Marquis-Kyle managed what was claimed to be the state’s largest heritage conservation project to date, re-opening to the public in April 1995.


Tours conducted on the hour


Register for tours on the day at entrance off Queen’s Park

What's Open

Ceremonial Entrance, Ryan's on the Park, the Honour Board, Room 105, the Cabinet Room, the courtyard, hotel reception area, William Street entrance, the Map Room and the Surveyor's Room,

Tour Tips

Wear enclosed shoes


Treasury Heritage Hotel

1899-1905: Original building // 1990: Refurbishment
Thomas Pye: Original building // Allom Lovell Marquis-Kyle Architects: Refurbishment