View Street, Baroona [Paddington]
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This is a house with strong, “colonial”, traditional character located on one of the most important Paddington Ridgelines with views to the city and to Latrobe Tce. It also has views to the north over Paddington/RedHill to the Musgrave Road ridgline. The northerly orientation provides good access to controllable sunlight and the ridgeline locations means the predominant morning SE and afternoon NE breezes are always there. A good start for optimal thermal comfort.

The house has been renovated and extended. The original house and its streetscape and connection to the street, have been maintained. Two pavilion “wings” (one for sleeping, one for eating) have been added to frame and emphasise the original house. This is a very modest move given current redevelopment trends.

The “tower” allows continued access to city views and a place of calm and respite: a refuge “so near and yet so far” from the street. Its dark colour again contrasts with and frames the original house.

Rear extensions to the house from the 1980s and 1990s were largely removed. The demolition materials were audited and reused in the new extensions. Apart from simple framing, the key structural and and other elements of the house are recycled hardwood -including a double height timber framed glass wall that brings light into the house and connects both levels of the house with the garden below.

Internally, the floors and materials of the the new “wings” again, contrast with and highlight the original house: it is clear you are moving from the celebrated “old” to the carefully built “new”.

And it is that care that connects the two.

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Recent Architectural or Engineering Awards: Finalist, National Timber Design Awards, Recycled Timber.

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