Brisbane Open House
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Saturday : 10am to 2.30pm
Pre-booked guided tours only

Tim Bennetton Architects substantially renovated this ‘post war Queenslander’ – situated on a lovely site surrounded by established Poinciana trees.

Our two wonderful clients (Steve – water engineer, and Fiona – social scientist/sewing hobbyist) asked us to solve the typical Queenslander problems of dark, stuffy & hot spaces; as well as add a guest room.

Another major issue was ‘overland flow’. We try to find the opportunities in what are otherwise considered ‘problems’ so, together with Steve,  we created a ‘seasonal stream’ using dry creek beds & permeable paving (reused from the site).

A new multipurpose ‘studio’ was built to the rear that included a fold down bed for guests. Combining the guest space within this meant that the overall result felt more generous and also helped save money (by building less!).

Integration of landscape is important – new courtyards were created both front and back. The rear used platform steps to create a better flow between house and garden. The front court faces northeast (better light & breezes) and improves the entry experience. The generous outdoor ‘daybed’ seat means you can chat to passing neighbours. It also houses the food garden which, being on the daily path of travel, gives you a better harvest!

Tour Information

Frequency of Guided Tours: 10am – 10:45am; 11am-11:45; 12 – 12:45pm; break; 1:30-2:15pm; 2:30-3:15pm

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Recent Architectural or Engineering Awards: 2018 Houses Awards Shortlist – Alteration and Addition over 200sqm; 2018 Australian Institute of Architects QLD State Award– Residential Alterations and Additions; 2018 Australian Institute of Architects QLD State Commendation– Sustainable Architecture

Environment Accreditation: A new breezeway allows the house to breathe; mitigation of western sun - ‘back wall’ is an adjustable awning of aluminium battens – hung vertically (winter arrangement) it allows light in, hung horizontally (summer) shades the house; a ‘seasonal stream’ using dry creek beds & permeable paving (reused from the site) to manage overland flow; food garden

Tim Bennetton Architects