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27 October 2020
Online - link provided on the day of the event
$25 per registration + donations accepted

Debate topic: Individualism is the antithesis of good design

Hosted by Craig Zonca, ABC Radio Brisbane

A future-focused debate about the place of individualism in design. Does good design naturally address its place in the landscape, and its community? How does individualism impact the worldview, streetscape, or city plan for the many?

Certainly, the practice of creativity and art making is often an individual pursuit. Collaboration also involves the individuals to contribute from their own perspectives. Individualism can also be destructive in long and short term ways, public and private. The cult of the individual has led to poor choices that result in social, economic and environmental impacts.  It may be individualism though that saves us, with individual efforts in promoting better, more socially compatible design – global and local, that we hope results in a better future.

The Great Debate Fundraiser is a sustainability initiative raising funds for Brisbane Open House– a not for profit organisation– that provides the free Brisbane Open House weekend annually.

Tickets $25 per + booking fees for online viewing; + donations accepted (non-tax-deductible)

Additional contributions that you can make to keep the Brisbane Open House weekend free is also gratefully accepted. 

Tickets available for the in-house viewing party, at a city studio location (limited to 18 people).

Speaker information to be published soon.



Project – Brisbane Live
Public Realm – Archipelago
Visualisation – Woods Bagot
Urban Design & Architecture– Archipelago, Woods Bagot, Populous

The next Brisbane Open House weekend will be held on 10 & 11 July 2021.

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