Fish Lane, Kurilpa [South Brisbane]
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Fish Lane Arts Precinct offers public art installations, restaurants, speakeasies, bars, cafés and parklands.

Directly adjacent to Southbank and Australia’s greatest concentration of Cultural institutions, Fish Lane Arts Precinct connects South Brisbane’s creativity to West End’s eclectic authenticity.

Fish Lane started life as Soda Lane, a critical artery servicing the docks of South Brisbane and as Brisbane grew, evolved into a bustling commercial hub servicing the local fleet of the young colony. For 150 years it was a rough and tumble working class dockside suburb.

World Expo ‘88 forever changed South Brisbane and the subsequent evolution of the South Bank Parklands and Cultural Precinct bought investment and attention. Fish Lane however languished in the shadows – neglected and forgotten.

In 2006 Brisbane City Council commissioned the first Fish Lane Master Plan, identifying it’s potential as a key connector linking the CBD and Cultural Precinct to South Brisbane and West End.

Little progress was made however until Aria Property Group developed ‘Austin’ Apartments at the head of Fish Lane in 2014 ahead of Brisbane hosting the G20.

Together the ‘Austin’ development and concurrent refurbishment of Fish Lane Block 1 brought a new focus on retail and the public realm incorporating lighting, signage, parks and greening initiatives and public art. Fish Lane again sprang to life.

The best way to experience Fish Lane is on foot. Every available surface showcases local and international artists inspired by place, referencing Fish Lane’s unique urban character and industrial working history.

At the heart of Fish Lane is Town Square, an exemplar of Urban Renewal and architectural excellence.

Incorporating over 3,000 plants, art installations, public seating and lighting and activated via a dynamic program of events, Fish Lane Town Square has quickly become a much-loved community space.

Fish Lane Arts Precinct is an exemplar of Urban Renewal and Place Making principles championed by Aria Property Group with the support of Brisbane City Council and scores of cultural precinct stakeholders.

Enjoy a tour of the Fish Lane Arts Precinct with Malcolm Middleton, Board Chair, Brisbane Open House:




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Recent Architectural or Engineering Awards: 2022 Movement and Place Award, Queensland Government Urban Design Awards | 2022 Commendation - Minister's Award for Urban Design, Queensland Government Urban Design Awards | 2021 QLD UDIA Winner, Urban Renewal | 2021 QLD UDIA Winner, Retail and Commercial | 2021 QLD RPA Winner, Retail Precinct of the Year | 2021 WLA Winner, Built Urban Design | 2021 AILA QLD Winner, Award of Excellence | 2021 AMP Winner, Urban Renewal | 2021 QLD PIA Winner, Great Place | 2021 Architizer A+ Finalist, Community | 2021 AMP Winner, Recreational Architecture

Richards & Spence
Landscape: RPS Group
November 2020