Brisbane Open House Volunteers

We couldn’t run our Brisbane Open House weekend without our valued volunteers. Since our inception in 2010, we have grown our volunteers from just a handful to hundreds. We strive to continue offering our volunteers a valued experience while enabling them to give back and support our great event.

As a member of Open House Worldwide, our major free event weekend will always remain that, free. It is now permanently situated in July each year.

Outside of this, we are building a calendar of events and immersive experiences throughout the year. These will all be ticketed and provide Brisbane Open House with crucial financial support. They will also provide our audience with continual programming, our valued partners with further opportunities to reach our audience, and, of course, more opportunities for our volunteers to get involved!

So, if you are interested in signing up to learn more about how you can support us while having fun, meeting new people, and getting an immersive experience of Brisbane’s architecture, history, and culture, then fill out the form below.

We look forward to welcoming you as a valued member of the team!

Melissa Hoedel
Executive Director
Brisbane Open House

PLEASE NOTE: Volunteer registration for Brisbane Open House 2024 has officially closed. However, if you are still interested in volunteering we encourage you to submit your details and the BOH team will advise if extra shifts and roles become available. 


We encourage Facebook users to join the BOH Vollie Group:

Terms and Conditions
By volunteering for us you acknowledge that this work is undertaken of one’s free will, there is no financial payment.

All volunteers are required to be over 18 years of age and fit to safely fulfil the function of volunteering at the building and shift selected. Volunteering may require standing and or walking (including climbing stairs), managing queues and liaising with our visitors.

Volunteers must conduct themselves in a professional and friendly manner, as a Brand Ambassador for Brisbane Open House, and comply with reasonable instruction from BOH organisers and building managers at their chosen volunteer spot.

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