Welome to Sandgate

21st August 2022


1:30 Welcome to Country
Elder Joseph Kirk and grandson
1:40 1:45Malcolm Middleton, Chair of Brisbane Open HouseCr Jared Cassidy
1:50 Paul Hardyman
Great Streets for people
What creates a great place? Is it the arrangement, age or type of buildings? Is it the amount of open space? Is the number and size of trees? Is it access to natural beauty or water? Is it the climate or is it the people who inhabit, activate and move through places?
2:30 Stephanie Wyeth Sandgate Love Map
Can we design for love and kindness?

Talk and community activation. Join in on social using #SandgateLoveMap 
3:15 Voices of the Past
Sandgate Historical Society film 
3:30 Peter Richards
Representing the Urban Sketchers 
3.45 Paul Trotter
‘Sandgate inspired Architecture, Art, Cycling and Sailing Boats’ 
4:00 Peter Edwards
Why the 4017 is so special
Followed by Q&A panel: Paul Hardyman, Stephanie Wyeth and Cass Friday 
5:30 Voices of the Past
Sandgate Historical Society film 
6:00 Event Conclusion 

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