The Brisbane Open House postcard has arrived hot off the printing table. We absolutely love the tangibility of our good old-fashioned printed postcard in this fast-moving digital world.

Choosing the hero image for our postcard is always a hotly anticipated but rather contentious event here at BOH HQ though, with so much passion for what we do, our city and the various pieces that represent it, how could it not be? But as our Brisbane Open House program grows and flourishes to focus not only on the buildings of Brisbane, it’s become increasingly harder to choose just one image to represent and champion the BOH program ahead.

We are excited to share that this year our humble printed postcard has become a family of four, to honour the expansion of our program to include not only buildings but also the spaces, structures and places that make Brisbane, well… Brisbane. The spaces in which we come together to eat, learn and play; the structures that help to connect us; and the places we live, co-exist and importantly, create community. This interconnectedness is the foundation of Brisbane.

Each postcard highlights a building, space, structure or place in Brisbane, and they have jut hit the streets of Brisbane and Ipswich, landing in various establishments such as cafes, restaurants, bars, record stores, hotels, op shops, cinemas, galleries, live music venues, sporting clubs and more so keep your eyes peeled. 

There are four to collect – don’t miss out! 

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