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Raymont Residential College is located in the historic suburb of Auchenflower. It began in a grand old house Drysllwyn (named after a ruined castle in Wales, meaning ‘green, rolling hills’), built for the Davies family in 1904-05. William Davies was a Welshman who came to Australia during the gold rush. He prospered in the nearby town of Gympie, accumulating a controlling interest in about 18 mines.

With the Second World War in full swing, the US military command requisitioned Somerville House Girls School, displacing the students from their premises. Davies offered to lease Drysllwyn to the Presbyterian and Methodist Schools Association and from 1942 to 1944 the house was used as a day school for about 50 girls.

After the war the Methodist Church began to use the house for female boarders from the country who were undergoing teacher training or working. In 1947 Mrs E. Raymont left a large bequest to the church which enabled them to pay off debts and formally take ownership of Drysllwyn. Hence the building was renamed Raymont Lodge in recognition of this philanthropy. The beautiful verandas of the house were closed in to create more bedrooms. There were various additions for kitchen staff quarters, and walkways to and from these buildings.

In 1951 a wing housed about 48 young women. Primmer, a nearby boarding house for men was closed in 1977 and Raymont Lodge began to accommodate both male and female residents. in 1979 Alcorn Lodge, a brick accommodation block with 96 rooms, was erected on the western side of Drysllwyn.

The Raymont Lodge was renamed Raymont Residential College and the college Raymont Residential College offers 125 rooms for tertiary residents and all staff believe it is a great privilege to contribute to the personal, academic and spiritual development of all students residing at Raymont.

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