Urban Sketchers (USk) is a global community of artists dedicated to on-location drawing. Founded in 2007 by Gabriel Campanario, the community started as an online forum and grew through the Urban Sketchers blog, encouraging artists to share their drawing experiences.

USk aims to elevate the value of on-location drawing and connect artists worldwide. Their vision emphasizes authenticity, community support, and truthful representation of scenes from direct observation using any media. These sketches serve as records of time and place, showcasing the world through individual artistic perspectives.

To maintain the practice’s integrity, Urban Sketchers have guidelines for posting sketches. Only works drawn from direct observation on location are allowed, accompanied by a written description of the location. Sketches must not be drawn from photos, posed models, or staged compositions. The goal is to tell a story about what was observed, including the environment and surroundings to provide context.

Alan Innes, Urban Sketchers at Thomas Dixon Centre, June 2024

Urban Sketchers Brisbane, like their counterparts worldwide, captures the essence of their city through sketches, offering a unique perspective on the urban landscape. As part of the Brisbane Open House, Urban Sketchers Brisbane will showcase their work in a pop-up exhibition at Thomas Dixon Centre on Saturday, 13 July. This exhibition will highlight the versatility of urban sketching as an expressive medium and the diversity of artistic styles within the community.

Dan Johns, Urban Sketchers at Thomas Dixon Centre, June 2024

Partnering with Urban Sketchers for the Brisbane Open House event offers a chance to view the remarkable work of this talented community. Visitors to the Thomas Dixon Centre will see the precinct’s buildings from alternative perspectives, appreciating the unique insights provided by urban sketching.

Urban Sketchers continues to inspire and connect artists worldwide, promoting on-location drawing and fostering a global community that shares and appreciates the beauty of our surroundings through their sketches.

Anne Maree O’Brien, Urban Sketchers at Thomas Dixon Centre, June 2024

Discover more about Brisbane Urban Sketchers here.

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