Thank you to our VOB partners!

2022 marked the commencement of some exciting new changes and additions for Brisbane Open House. Our Villages of Brisbane event celebrates individual communities and villages across Greater Brisbane. Sandgate (and Shorncliffe) was our inaugural village and community we celebrated. 

Villages of Brisbane is all about celebrating local village precincts, their history, architecture, places and community. It is also about supporting local businesses and organisations. We couldn’t have done it without the support from a number of local organisations, stakeholders and partners. 

Thank you to the following partners

If you’re out at the bay any time soon, make sure to drop in to see the divine menus (food & beverage) from our F&B partners:

Artful and fresh feasts by Myrtle & Blossom
Seafood for any occasion at the Full Moon Hotel
Beverages for taste at Mr Henderson
Tempting platter and beverage by Bluenose Betty
Delectable cakes and deserts by the Witchin’ Kitchen

Thank you to the following organisations:

The event would not have come to fruition without the support of the following local organisations:

The following outlines the speaker program in the Town Hall. Thank you to these individuals that created such an incredible series of talks, conversations and activations. (See the video HERE).

  • Paul HardymanLandscape Architect, Studio Lead & Director at Urbis
    Great Streets for people What creates a great place? Is it the arrangement, age or type of buildings? Is it the amount of open space? Is the number and size of trees? Is it access to natural beauty or water? Is it the climate or is it the people who inhabit, activate and move through places? 
  • Stephanie WyethUrban Planner
    Sandgate Love Map
    Can we design for love and kindness? Talk and community activation. Join in on social using #SandgateLoveMap 
  • Peter RichardsPrincipal Architecture and Urban Design, Archipelago
    Representing the Urban Sketchers
  • Paul TrotterDirector, Fulton Trotter Architects
    ‘Sandgate inspired Architecture, Art, Cycling and Sailing Boats’
  • Peter EdwardsArchitect, Urbanist and Founding Director of Archipelago
    ‘Why the 4017 is so special’ Followed by Q&A panel: Paul Hardyman, Stephanie Wyeth and Cass Friday

With thanks also to the Sandgate & Districts Historical Society for providing their Voices of the Past film. Watch it HERE

Brisbane Open House will continue to grow the Villages of Brisbane, across Greater Brisbane, in conjunction with our core Brisbane Open House weekend. Each year we will engage with a new community to bring Villages of Brisbane to life. We will also share stories from our Villages of Brisbane events. Watch this space for a wonderful article local walking tours with the support of local knowledge.

A snapshot of our inaugural VOB event:

  • 3,500 attendees
  • 50 volunteers
  • 9 buildings opened
  • 5 guided walking tours
  • 1 guided cycling tour
  • Community groups (NFP) engaged as stakeholders: 5

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