Brisbane Open House is so pleased to once again be partnering with Lisa Anne Caruana, a First Nations Artist, and proud cultural Woman of the Great Larrakia Nation of the Northern Territory, to present our 2023 Brisbane Open House guidemaps.

      Lisa Caruana (used with permission)

Featured Artist: Lisa Anne Caruana

Lisa’s Language group is Gulumerrgin and her Totems are Dangalaba and Dumidungala (Crocodile and Dugong).

She has lived and worked on Turrbal country for over 25 years, and has strong community connections to Turrbal country which you can clearly see in her artworks.

This year, we commissioned three designs from Lisa to provide a beautifully vibrant backdrop for our Brisbane Open House weekend guidemap, our Iconic Precinct program and the Villages of Brisbane: Paddington guidemap.   

Lisa’s art practices include but are not limited to painting, digital art and pattern design. She also hand crafts, jewellery and artifacts. She has an immense passion for our First Nations culture and the importance of sharing our culture with the wider community and strives to keep her culture thriving.

Brisbane Open House Guidemap Featured Artwork: With Gratitude  

Indigenous artwork 'With Gratitude' for BOH 2023 Program Guide by First Nations artist Lisa Anne Caruana 2023

With Gratitude Artwork for BOH 2023 Program Guide © Lisa Anne Caruana 2023

With the sunset vibrant shades paint the sky, casting a warm glow that brings people together. Here on country, we gather around the Elders as they grace us with incredible stories and cultural wisdom. Those that gather soak up this stunning moment with gratitude to Elders and Country.

Iconic Precinct Program Featured Artwork: Only Footprints

Indigenous artwork 'Only Footprints' for BOH 2023 Iconic Precinct Program by First Nations artist Lisa Anne Caruana 2023

Only Footprints Artwork for BOH 2023 Iconic Precinct Program © Lisa Anne Caruana 2023

We must appreciate and respect our beautiful country, honouring the ancestors who have cared for these lands for centuries. It is our responsibility to show compassion and respect for our lands, and to not leave any trace of our presence behind. When we walk on country, we should take care to create lasting memories without leaving anything more than our footprints, just as animals do. We should take nothing more than our memories with us. We acknowledge and respect our Ancestors for respecting the land they have lovingly cared for.

Villages of Brisbane Guidemap Featured Artwork: Life and Stars

Indigenous artwork 'Life and Stars' for VOB 2023 guidemap program by First Nations artist Lisa Anne Caruana 2023

Life and Stars Artwork for VOB 2023 Program Guide © Lisa Anne Caruana 2023

Throughout life’s journey our paths cross with strangers, old acquaintances and family who fill our lives with love, light, joy and sadness. We recognize that these connections are essential, they bring us closer together, remind us of our shared experiences and create new pathways that fill our journey with unexpected blessings. Over the years, some connections may fade, creating a sense of loss, but those that remain are a source of strength and resilience. They are the people that help us find our way in life, and in turn, we help them find theirs. As life continues, our connections with others will naturally grow and change, but the lessons we learn from these relationships, the love we gain and the memories we make, will remain with us forever, much like the stars in the sky.

Brisbane Open House is always striving to fulfil its earnest commitment to diversity and inclusivity of all people and all cultures, and holds a deep respect for the sense of place and heritage of indigenous Australians.

Connect with Lisa on her Instagram and Facebook profiles.


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