Celebrating Excellence: Highlights from the 2023 Queensland Architecture Awards

Last week, the 2023 Queensland Architecture Awards took place, recognising and celebrating the outstanding architectural achievements across the state. The event showcased exceptional projects that push boundaries, inspire creativity, and contribute to the built environment.

We wanted to offer a massive congratulations to all of the awards nominees and the well deserving winners and commendation recipients. We’re excited to highlight some of the winners that are part of the current Brisbane Open House 2023 program. Let’s dive into the innovative designs and impressive structures that have reshaped Queensland’s architectural landscape.

Thomas Dixon Centre:

A testament to design ingenuity The Thomas Dixon Centre, was a true standout at the 2023 Queensland Architecture Awards. This innovative project garnered four prestigious awards, reflecting its exceptional design and functionality. Designed by an exemplary team of architects, the Thomas Dixon Centre reimagines a historic building into a modern cultural hub, seamlessly blending heritage elements with contemporary aesthetics. Its awards, which include the Award for Heritage Architecture, the Award for Public Architecture, the COLORBOND® Award for Steel Architecture, and The Harry Marks Award for Sustainable Architecture, attest to the project’s commitment to preserving history while embracing the future.

Visit them over the BOH weekend

Image credit Chris Wardle

Image credit Christopher Fredrick Jones


Heritage Lanes, 80 Ann Street:

Receiving a commendation in the categories of Commercial Architecture and Urban Design Architecture, 80 Ann Street is a stunning example of a modern office tower that embodies innovation and sustainability. Recognized for its exceptional adaptive reuse of an impenetrable site, this project provides cross-city block connection that liberates urban linkages to the west.

Its sleek and sophisticated design not only elevates the skyline but also prioritizes occupant well-being, incorporating green spaces, efficient energy systems, and flexible workspaces, creating a dynamic and healthy environment for businesses and their employees.

Visit them over the BOH weekend 

Image credit Trevor Mein

Student Central (UQ Brisbane City)

Student Central received a Commendation for Interior Architecture. This innovative welfare hub normalises student welfare with seamless connection between the outdoor terrace and the quieter support spaces within.

Visit them over the BOH weekend

Image credit David Chatfield


Herston Quarter Redevelopment Stage 1 and 2:

Herston Quarter Redevelopment, encompassing Stage 1 and 2, received The Karl Langer Award for Urban Design. This ambitious project rejuvenated an entire precinct, combining residential, commercial, and healthcare facilities into a cohesive and sustainable community. The thoughtful design integrates green spaces, pedestrian-friendly pathways, and environmentally conscious features, promoting well-being and connectivity. The Herston Quarter Redevelopment showcases the transformative power of architecture in shaping urban environments.

 Visit them at Herston Health & Heritage, our 2023 Iconic Precinct

Image credit Scott Burrows

Image credit Scott Burrows

The University of Queensland Cricket Club Maintenance Shed: 

The University of Queensland took out the Queensland Architecture Medallion (Qld) for their Cricket Club Maintenance Shed. A small project constructed of common concrete block, one of the few suitable and locally available materials, the architects deployed an innovative system that integrates structure and screen in a cost-effective and delightful manner.

You can visit The University of Queensland Cricket Club Maintenance Shed, along with the several other buildings that form the UQ Collective in the BOH 23 Program. 

Image credit David Chatfield

Honourable Mentions:

Although not part of the current Brisbane Open House program, it’s worth mentioning two projects from our Brisbane Open House alumni and of course, the winner of the coveted  Queensland Architecture Medallion (Qld).

Jubilee Place:

Winning the Award for Commercial Architecture, Jubilee Place left a lasting impression on visitors. The project’s architectural brilliance, creative design solutions, and commitment to sustainability were widely appreciated.

Visit Jubliee Hotel, as part of this year’s BOH program

Image credit Scott Burrows

Midtown Centre:

Another participant in the 2022 Brisbane Open House program, Midtown Centre received a Commendation for Commercial Architecture. A commercial development that redefines urban workspaces – the project embraces sustainability and user comfort, incorporating green spaces, natural light, and flexible layouts. Midtown Centre exemplifies the shift towards creating dynamic, people-centric office environments.

Image credit Angus Martin

To see the full list of the 2023 winners and learn more about these projects, visit Australian Institute of Architects website. 

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