Who are Urban Sketchers?

Similar to Open House worldwide, Urban Sketchers is a global movement, now with 300 groups around the world. Urban sketching stems from the traditional practice of on-location drawing – through their sketches they capture a view into the places they directly observe and share with others the scenes that they witness.

Urban Sketchers Brisbane’s community of sketchers come together weekly, giving the community an opportunity to explore and document Brisbane together, building friendships and a new appreciation for the places around them. 

They have once again come on board this year to participate in a number of sketching demonstrations around our Iconic Precinct: Herston Health & Heritage. 

Herston Quarter sketch, image by Andrew Scott courtesy of Urban Sketchers Brisbane

What you can expect 

Urban Sketchers Brisbane will be onsite Sunday morning, from 9:30 – 11:30am – pens and paintbrushes in hand. 

Dotted throughout the Herston Health & Heritage precinct, there will also be demonstrations by the following Urban Sketchers artists in the Public Realm in Herston Quarter and UQ Mayne Medical School: 

  • Tony Walker
  • David Brici
  • Shalene McClure
  • Andrew Scott
  • Alan Innes
  • Peter Richards

You will have the opportunity to watch Illustrator, Watercolour and Gouache artist David Brici, as he sketches and explains his approach. 

David comes from an engineering and neuroscience background and found his artistic calling through plein air painting with the Brisbane Urban Sketchers. 

“In my view, art transcends science when it comes to revealing life’s exquisite beauty. Exploring a diverse array of subjects, from sweeping landscapes to bustling urban scenes and captivating portraits, I bring my vision to life using the expressive mediums of watercolour and gouache” David says of his craft. 

Featured here is one of David’s most recent artworks at the precinct: 

David Brici, image by Andrew Scott courtesy of Urban Sketchers Brisbane

At the conclusion of the sketch session, there will be a ‘throw down’ exhibition in the Edith Cavell building in Herston Quarter, showcasing all of the artwork completed on the day. This provides such a unique glimpse into the diversity of artistic styles and interpretations, demonstrating the versatility of urban sketching as an expressive medium.  

The exhibition will be on Level 3 of the Edith Cavell building and the artworks created will remain for the remainder of the day.

Herston Quarter throwdown, image by Peter Richards courtesy of Urban Sketchers Brisbane

We’re so excited to be partnering with them again to showcase the incredible work of the very talented Urban Sketchers, and to provide our visitors with an alternative perspective of the precinct’s remarkable buildings.  

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