UniLodge Herston – Lady Lamington Nurses’ Home and Towers

Travel back in time with us to explore the historic Lady Lamington Nurses’ home, nestled in the heart of the Herston Quarter precinct.

Home to over 600 dedicated trainee nurses during its history, the Lady Lamington home provided much more than just accommodation during the nurses training from the late 1800s. For these young women, their time there was akin to a boarding school experience, but with a more profound impact on their lives. Although living on site was compulsory, the upside was a supportive, familial atmosphere that fostered camaraderie and community.

Queensland’s own renowned architect, Robin Dods, designed the Lady Lamington building as a home away from home for Brisbane General Hospital’s nursing staff. Constructed in five stages between 1896 and 1938, each stage added special features to the design, making it a masterpiece of architectural design. The Lady Lamington building holds an unparalleled place in the hearts of those who benefited from its unique environment.

Despite its temporary disrepair, the Brisbane General Hospital Precinct, which includes the Lady Lamington Nurses’ Home, was added to the Queensland Heritage Register in 2012 and represents a distinct piece of Brisbane’s historical past. The elevated position of Lady Lamington’s, overlooking stunning uphill vistas, is a well-known landmark for local residents today. Furthermore, the elegant gardens of Lady Lamington, situated amongst the developed hospital precinct, offer a visual feast for all.

Now owned by Australian Unity and proudly managed by UniLodge Australia, this splendid heritage building was redeveloped by Hutchinson Builders as UniLodge Herston – unique purpose built student accommodation that respects the historical significance and charm of the building, and now caters to both domestic and international students across Brisbane.

The buildings stunning redevelopment completed in 2022, undertaken by Hutchinson Builders, has transformed the complex into purpose-built student accommodation that is bespoke and stunning in every sense. Throughout the site, remnants of the Lady Lamington building’s past life remain intact, making this a special site steeped in historical significance. The Lady Lamington building is now the essential structure that connects the double wings of the Spanish style student accommodation towers.

Lady Lamington / UniLodge Herston now comprises of 472 rooms and 695 beds, as well as additional modern and heritage style spaces. Walking through the complex you will see and feel the history of this location through features like the original entry pavilion, feature balconies, heritage study rooms, stunning landscaped gardens and courtyards, as well as newer spaces within, such as the communal areas and study rooms, cinema room, kitchen, and dining space for use of all residents who live on site. While honouring the Lady Lamington’s legacy, the preservation of this site ensures that this cherished landmark remains so for many years to come.

Today, Lady Lamington will house an impressive 695 students, making it the perfect location for students seeking an enriching experience in Brisbane, with a unique sense of historical significance and legacy. This landmark edifice stands as a testament to the nursing profession’s esteem and grand heritage that can now be preserved for future generations.

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